Opera Productions


In the winter semester, a large opera production is staged in the Richard Jakoby Saal.

During the summer semester, there are various smaller scenic projects or workshop evenings.

An overview of the productions can be found in the archive or by clicking on the images on the main page

tryout n[o]ice! + Ensemble Quillo

New vocal music in song and music theatre

Labour as a way of making sense, as exploitation, as the centre of life, as a means of living:

Vocal and Incontri students, together with the Ensemble Quillo, present four sketches for a new chamber opera in a staged concert, mirrored by contemporary vocal music from a masterclass by Claudia Barainsky.

Libretto: Tina Hartmann. Musical direction: Yoonjee Kim. Scenic direction: Mascha Pörzgen. Costume: Elsa Zulauf

14 May 2024 7:30 pm Richard Jakoby Saal, Neues Haus 1 .

Premiere: ORFEO

Lasciate l'inferno e l'arte seguite...!

Overcoming death for the sake of love - what a daring plan with which Orpheus descends into the realm of shadows. And indeed: with his art, the singer overrides the laws of the underworld and leads Eurydice back to the living. But can such happiness last?

{Orpheus | Eurydice}+Amor - a scenic collage about the power and myth of the human voice with baroque music by Sartorio, Rossi, Telemann, Scarlatti, Purcell, Rameau, Pergolesi and many more

Students of the HMTMH sing and play. Musical direction: Bernward Lohr Scenic direction: Roman Hovenbitzer Stage design: Hermann Feuchter Costumes: Nadine Richter+Alison-Jil Schulz (Hochschule Hannover)

Premiere on 24 May 2024 (Studio D) further performances on 25 (2x) and 27 May

Opernaproduction Wintersemester 2023/24

Upcoming opera production:Leoš Janáček, The cunning litte vixen

Musical Director: Martin Brauß

Staging: Roman Hovenbitzer

With students from the vocal and orchestral sections.

Opening at Richard-Jacoby-Hall on February 1st. 2024

Performance photos (click for more!) Photos: Nico Herzog


Operaproductions 2023

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