Master of Music (Opera)

Voice, focus on Opera (Master of Music)

Term of study 4 semesters
Degree Master of Music

The objective of the Master of Voice/Opera program is to enable students to begin a professional career as an opera singer

The program teaches all the relevant skills in singing, music and performance.

Performances in university productions as well as lively cooperation with theaters in the region open up a wide range of opportunities for students to gain practical experience for their future careers.

The extensive list of graduates in recent years provides impressive evidence of the first-class professional qualification character of the program.

The master's degree in voice/opera deepens the qualifications acquired in the bachelor's program. These include, in particular, vocal technical sovereignty in dealing with personal aria repertoire with regard to theatrical auditions. In addition, the ability to consciously and individually deal with the means of scenic presentation and thereby create dramaturgically sound and also for today relevant role profiles.

Students are cast in opera productions up to twice a year to gain stage practice and participate in audition training twice a semester. In addition, the scenic classes also pay increased attention to aspects of presentation and content delivery in the students' respective audition programs.

As part of the two-year master's program, students are taught discipline, perseverance and reliability in addition to artistic skills, as these qualities are essential for successful and ongoing performance as a singer*.

The aim is to introduce the students in the pedagogically protected space of the university closely to the realistic conditions and challenges of everyday life as a singer in the theater business.

It is also about a healthy competition between students, since of course often the situation arises that several students compete for cast positions, competitions or scholarships.

In this context, we attach great importance to ensuring that this competition is always characterized by mutual respect. Nevertheless, it is in the nature of things that singers, especially as soloists, must develop strong distinctive characters in order to be successful. Here, we as the teachers are challenged to guide the students in order to work out the individual strengths as well as possible in the course of the studies and to create the corresponding artistic challenges together with the students.


Last modified: 2023-06-03

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