Solo Performance Class / postgraduate programme

Final award

  • Diplom-Konzertsolist/in ("Diplom" degree in solo concert performance)
  • Regular course length: 4 semesters


Course content

In the postgraduate solo performance class, the focus is exclusively on training in the principal study subject. Students are entitled to at least 1 tuition unit per week in their principal study subject. In addition, they are expected to participate in internal and public events at the Academy (music-making and concerts), and wherever possible also to gather experience by taking advantage of similar opportunities outside the Academy (e.g. competitions, concerts). Students are required to master a selection of works (in the instrumental and voice courses, this includes chamber music), the quality and quantity of which should allow them to embark on a concert career. Students may also take part in general tuition in subjects such as musicology, composition, philosophy, psychology and physiology/anatomy.


Last modified: 2016-05-09

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